Overall this orientation was beneficial for students to understand prospective career choices and fields. They can select their electives on the basis of basic understanding of various filed. Visits were equally important to give them practical exposure at plant site.

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M/s Lado Technologies

Session Date: Sep 6, 2019

Session Topic: Career Awareness Program For B.Tech Mechanical

Seminar was conducted for the Students of B.Tech and Diploma Final year students by the National Awardee in the field of Drafting Techniques with the objective to create awareness among students regarding possible career options in product design and development. Various live examples were discussed by Experts from M/s Lado Technologies, Jaipur.

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Session Date: Sep 4, 2019

Session Topic: How to conquer professional interviews

Sangam University believes in continuous Personal and Academic growth of students. In today's competitive environment, students need confidence, positive attitude and determination. Therefore, a session on "How to conquer professional interviews?" was held at Sangam University campus. Dr. Abhilash Modi was the key speaker for the session. Dr. Modi's session was focused on self-determination, self-confidence, resume building and personal interview tips through discussion, group activities and questionnaire.

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Senior Trainer, Network-Bulls

Session Date: Aug 30, 2019

Session Topic: A Practical Computer Networking Workshop

A Practical Computer Networking Workshop hosted by Network-Bulls & Sangam University on 30th August 2019. The initiative was taken up by Training and Placement office to work with computer science and engineering dept. in the university to enhance the skills of students in core engineering and science subjects. The workshop lectures were delivered by Mr. Alpesh Dhingre, Senior Trainer, Network-Bulls and organized by Mr. Anurag Sharma. He transmitted his knowledge using smart classroom technology through internet. Faculty members attended live lectures, tutorials and lab sessions and were immensely benefited by them.

The workshop provided training to participants on learning pedagogy to make extensive use of Technology, and covered topics such as Introduction to Computer Networks, History and Layering, Physical Layer: Theory, Encoding Techniques, Link Layer: Framing, Error Detection and Recovery, Reliability, Multiple Access, Ethernet, Token Ring, Switching, Network Layer: Addressing, Routing, IP, Transport Layer: Reliability and Congestion Control and Application Layer: DNS, Web/HTTP, Email, FTP, Peer-to-peer Systems.

The workshop was coordinated by Mr. Kuntal Barua, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, School of Engineering, Sangam University, Bhilwara, Rajasthan.

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Sangam India Ltd. (C9 Fashions)

Session Date: Sep 14, 2018

Session Topic: Business Development and Entrepreneurship Skills

An expert interaction was organized at Sangam University for the students of Management Studies. Guest of the session was Mr. Pranal Modani, Chief, Business Development, Sangam India Ltd. and topic of discussion was Business Development and Entrepreneurship Skills. Mr. Modani shared his views on leadership skills and answered lot of interesting questions of students about entrepreneurship.

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Session by Mr. Bhaskar Vaish, Branch Manager, HDFC Bank

Session Date: Sep 6, 2018

Session Topic: Session on Banking Awareness and Career Opportunities in the Banking Sector

Training & Placement Cell organized a session on Banking Awareness and Career Opportunities in the Banking Sector for the students of School of Management Studies. Guest Mr. Bhaskar Vaish who is presently working as Branch Manager, HDFC Bank gave valuable insight of Role of Indian banking system in shaping economy. He shared his experience about awareness and career opportunities in Banking Sector.

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