About School


The vision of School of Pharmacy at Sangam University is to upgrade the infrastructure and facilities required for new courses and programmes and to contribute to the enrichment of quality of life around the world through excellence in Pharmaceutical Education and Research.

The courses that run under the nomenclature of pharmacy are a significant part of the healthcare sector. Health and wellness are a basic necessity for all, and our course prepares the students to become a part of the rapidly progressing health industry wherein drug designing, formulation, research and development are all practiced and an understanding of various diseases and their treatments is created. It hones the skills of the students to become not only professionals of repute but also compassionate care-givers.


The primary mission of the institute is to provide the best education, which will enable young countrymen, boys and girls, to build their career and profession, to equip them with latest concepts and keep them up-to-date with scientific skills and aptitudes.

We want to enrich the lives of people locally and globally by nurturing such pharmacists who will be leaders in pharmacy practice and drug discovery. We always aim to train our students to become entrepreneurs and job creators, develop innovative skills and continue learning lifelong.

Career Opportunities after Pharmacy

  • Clinical research associate
  • R& D scientist
  • Quality control associate
  • Formulation development associate
  • Drug inspector
  • Food inspector
  • Scientific writer
  • Sales & marketing executive
  • Community pharmacist
  • Pharma covigilance associate
  • Drug analyst
  • Pharma counselor
  • Hospital pharmacist
  • Production manager
  • Academics (Teaching/ Research/Training)

What should you expect from a degree/ diploma in B.Pharm / D.Pharm at Sangam University?

  • Learn from internationally certified expert faculty
  • Get an opportunity to go for a student exchange programme at a top global university
  • Learn via seminars, presentations, education yours, Guru lectures, summer internships, open electives, clubs, festivals, events and much more
  • Campus placements at top pharma companies