Sangam University has collaborated with some of the most prestigious universities across the continents. It is a great opportunity for our Indian students to travel and study abroad, experiencing foreign cultures and lifestyle. When a student takes up higher education, the objective is to become more competent for the working world. Our international collaboration programs help in this by giving students a valuable chance of learning, traveling and working in an international arena.

Did you know that of all scientific papers written worldwide, one out of five are co-authored internationally? As international travel becomes easier and modes of communication keep getting more and more advanced, research with foreign counterparts have become easier to organize. Researchers take advantage of this advancement and at Sangam University, we ensure that our students get the best scope for exposure.

Selection of Partner Universities

In selecting our partner universities, we make it our top priority to choose universities that are equally committed to research and high quality of teaching. When we are working to equip today’s youth to become competent problem solvers of global issues in the near future, the best way to go on about it is to give them a chance to witness and comprehend the local actions across diverse communities – dynamics, aspirations, struggles and background.

Sangam University, with its global collaboration initiatives, is working to achieve just that!



Regenesys Institute of Management is a leading business school in Mumbai that is a constituent of one of the best business schools across South Africa, the Regenesys Business School. Unleashing the management potential in the minds of youth across both countries, Regenesys is known for its inspiring and transformative curriculum.

Sangam University collaborates with Regenesys Institute of Management to create opportunities for the students at both universities to learn from the best mentors while developing strong networking skills. Our collaborations expose the students to both local and global perspectives of business management.


Oklahoma State University

The Oklahoma State University, situated in the state of Oklahoma, is one of the most diverse and expansive universities of the United States of America. It covers a wide range of courses, in science, humanities, commerce, business, engineering, architecture, health and aviation.

With state of the art research centres, the University has great courses on offer for both undergraduate and post graduate levels. Our collaboration with this advanced educational institute offers our students a chance to become part of some of the best training curriculum and cultural diversity.


Lodz University

Lodz University of Technology is one of the biggest and most prestigious technical institutes of Poland. The university is spread across 200,000 square meter and imparts education to no less than 17,000 students in the present.

Sangam University collaborates with the University, making it possible for our students to become a part of their famous engineering branches of study – electrical, electronic, mechanical, civil, environmental and so on. The other faculties like that of bio technology, food sciences, textile design or chemistry to name a few are known for their advanced curriculum and practical methods of teaching as well.


Kyungdong University

While pursuing these goals, Kyungdong University was recognized as an IT Specialized University by the Board of Education. Furthermore, in 2008, Kyungdong University was one of the best achievers as to employment rate for the graduates. To cater for more specific community's educational needs. Kyungdong University opened Wonju-Munmak Campus (2009) and Yangju Metropol Campus (2014). To cope with local and global educational needs, Dong-U College merged into Kyungdong University in 2012. Read More...


Ceinsys Tech Ltd.

Ceinsys Tech Limited is a famous engineering, IT and Geospatial solutions provider in India. With offices in Nagpur and Mumbai, it is a part of Meghe Group of Institutions. It also has an overseas presence. It has tie ups with some of the best in the industry like AutoDesk, ESRI, Schneider, Siemens, Hitachi and so on.

An opportunity of internship in such an organization paves the way for learning more on smart metering in energy sector, municipal solutions, cadastral mapping, satellite image interpretation and a lot more.