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SANGAM UNIVERSITY, Bhilwara, Rajasthan, India is established by an Act passed by Rajasthan Government legislation Assembly vide Act No. 14 of 2012 dated 02/05/2012. The University is permitted to offer various courses in the discipline of Engineering & Technology, Management studies, Legal studies, Pharmacy, Nursing, Applied Sciences, Food Processing, Agriculture Sciences, Media & Mass Communication, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Architecture etc. The University has approval from University Grants Commission, New Delhi, Government of India and also a member of Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi, Government of India.

Exchange Programme

We accelerate with the greater adaptability of opportunities for students with an greatly esthetic way to entail with an exchange programme as an opportunity to study for semester at Sangam University and experience the "CITY OF LIGHT'

  • Study at sangam makes you earn credits and can explore and live the magic to the adaptability of various perspective thinking at sangam
  • Selection between 6-30 ICTS(Indian credits )which includes the nomenclature and elucidation of Indian financial system as to emerge the cultural exchange with frenetic vitality of Rajasthan and ornate splendor of its grand palace
  • Sangam University also fetch International programme with undergraduates as well as Masters in variety of different departments by sangam University ,however each programme maintain "Quality and Affordable " education
  • We are analogous and emerged to deliver unmatched value-based education .Our basic objective is to enable every student to have a great and successful career
  • Sangam University furnish with proficiency in language GERMAN , FRENCH, ENGLISH, SANSKRIT, HINDI, CHINESE

International Correlations

Sangam University has an understanding for student & faculty exchange program, Collaborative Research, Co-sponsorship of academic projects & conferences, sharing of scientific information on mutual interest, other academic collaboration including curriculum & faculty exchange etc. with the following institutions:



Regenesys Institute of Management is a leading business school in Mumbai that is a constituent of one of the best business schools across South Africa, the Regenesys Business School. Unleashing the management potential in the minds of youth across both countries, Regenesys is known for its inspiring and transformative curriculum.

Sangam University collaborates with Regenesys Institute of Management to create opportunities for the students at both universities to learn from the best mentors while developing strong networking skills. Our collaborations expose the students to both local and global perspectives of business management.


Oklahoma State University

The Oklahoma State University, situated in the state of Oklahoma, is one of the most diverse and expansive universities of the United States of America. It covers a wide range of courses, in science, humanities, commerce, business, engineering, architecture, health and aviation.

With state of the art research centres, the University has great courses on offer for both undergraduate and post graduate levels. Our collaboration with this advanced educational institute offers our students a chance to become part of some of the best training curriculum and cultural diversity.


Lodz University

Lodz University of Technology is one of the biggest and most prestigious technical institutes of Poland. The university is spread across 200,000 square meter and imparts education to no less than 17,000 students in the present.

Sangam University collaborates with the University, making it possible for our students to become a part of their famous engineering branches of study electrical, electronic, mechanical, civil, environmental and so on. The other faculties like that of bio technology, food sciences, textile design or chemistry to name a few are known for their advanced curriculum and practical methods of teaching as well.


Kyungdong University

While pursuing these goals, Kyungdong University was recognized as an IT Specialized University by the Board of Education. Furthermore, in 2008, Kyungdong University was one of the best achievers as to employment rate for the graduates. To cater for more specific community's educational needs. Kyungdong University opened Wonju-Munmak Campus (2009) and Yangju Metropol Campus (2014). To cope with local and global educational needs, Dong-U College merged into Kyungdong University in 2012. Read More...

This network of Educational institutions interacts amongst themselves in various areas including Promoting CULTURAL VISITS , Faculty Exchange, Student Exchange, Organizing Seminars and Conferences etc.

Study In India

Home to the world's second-largest higher education system Comprising bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees, the vastness of the Indian higher education system and its global network of students and faculty directly translates to increased diversity and enhanced opportunities for both academic and personal enrichment.

Vast academic Offerings

India's higher education system isn't just vast in size; it's also vast in academic offerings. The Country's rich past and vibrant future mean a breath and depth of courses are available from the classic to the cutting edge.

Cost effective education

Compared to many of the world's finest institutions, India's low cost of education is a bargain. It's not just less expensive tuition fees which make studying in India a smart financial choice.

Rising Indian Economy

India's economy continues to surge. Not only do experts predict that it will be the world's third largest economy by 2030, but is also expected to grow at the fastest rate in the decade ahead.

Admission Rules for International Students

  • Applicants in their own interest must read and understand all the information published on the university website and otherwise published by the University from time to time.
  • The eligibility criterion for all programs for international applicants is minimum 50% in the qualifying examination and having studied the pre-requisite subjects for admission in to the desired program.
  • For Admission to PhD Programs, the eligibility criterion for international student is Master's degree in the relevant discipline with 55% marks and fulfillment of any other eligibility criteria prescribed by the University from time to time.
  • Issue of offer letter (conditional or unconditional) or any information /guidance/ facilitation provided by the International cell of the university should be considered as confirmation of admission or access to any facility of university.
  • The university reserves the right to add, withdraw or change any program or tuition fees at any time, without any notice, information contained herein or otherwise published or announced by the university as well as any provision or facility as and if deemed necessary, No responsibility will be accepted by the university for hardship or expenses incurred by the applicant or any person(s) on this account, no matter how they are caused.
  • For the purpose of equivalency of the qualifying exam, the qualifications as recognized by Association of Indian Universities shall be considered. For any qualification not recognized by AIU, equivalency proof has to be provided by the applicant from the Indian High Commission/ Consulate in their respective country or other concerned statutory body as applicable.

Admission Section : Courses And Fees

Semester-wise Annual
Programmes Tuition Fee Tuition Fee
B.Tech. - Computer Science Engineering (CSE) 1500 3000
B.Tech. - Electrical Engineering (EE) 1500 3000
B.Tech.- Mining 1500 3000
B.Tech. - Mechanical Engineering (ME) 1500 3000
M.Tech - Computer Science Engineering 1750 3500
M.Tech - Power System and Power Electronics 1750 3500
M.Tech - VLSI 1750 3500
M.Tech - Manufacturing 1750 3500
Master of Computer Applications 1750 3500
BCA- Bachelor of Computer Applications 1500 3000
BBA 1500 3000
MBA Master in Buisness Administration 1750 3500
B.Com (Hons.) N.A. 1500
B.Sc. (Mathematics) N.A. 1800
B.Sc.(Biology) N.A. 1800
B.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics N.A. 1800
M.Sc.(Hons.) - Geoinformatics N.A. 1800
M.Sc.(Hons.) - Chemistry N.A. 1800
B.Sc. - Agriculture (Honors) 1500 3000
B.Sc. - Agriculture - MBA (Integrated) 1750 3500
Integrated BBA LLB 1500 3000
Integrated B.A LLB 1500 3000
LLM 1750 3500
Bachelor of Arts - English N.A. 1500
Bachelor of Arts - Economics N.A. 1500
Bachelor of Arts - History N.A. 1500
Bachelor of Arts - Administration N.A. 1500
Bachelor of Arts - Political Science N.A. 1500
Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yoga Sciences 1500 3000
Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical Engg.) N.A. 2000
Diploma in Engineering (Computer Science Engg.) N.A. 2000
Diploma in Engineering (Electrical Engg.) N.A. 2000
Diploma in Engineering (Mining) N.A. 2000
Ph.D N.A 2000
Foreign Student Internship
(Accommodation, Health Insurance and Visa charges extra)
Per Month 500

Accommodation Fee

Accommodation Fee for Session 2019-20

Hostel Category Annual Fee
AC Double Seater with Veg/Non-Veg Food 1500 USD
AC Single Seater with Veg/Non-Veg Food 2000 USD


Other Fee (Non-Refundable & Non-Transferable)

  • Application and Registration Charges: USD 100
  • A security deposit of 200 USD (Refundable) will be charged from the students seeking hostel accommodation for the first time.
  • Insurance, Medical and other charges: USD 50

Contact Us


   Sangam University - NH-79, Bhilwara Chittor Bypass, Bhilwara, Rajasthan, India


Latest Events

EXPERT SESSIONS FROM DELHI -: On climate change ,where students has been participated and explored individually by nurturing in pragmatic ways.

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Student Exchange

WE ARE EMERGING to provide a cross cultural exposure and dynamic resistance with a global perspective to and for the students, Sangam university has developed an extensive International Students Exchange Network. Which become highly popular with the students and nearly 40% of the batch gets a chance to spend a term at a Partner Institute. Efforts are underway to expand the Programme further and make sure of an even larger number of students to avail of this unique opportunity.

Courses while on Exchange Programme

Students who go on an Exchange Programme courses would amount to not less than 120 contact hours over the exchange term. A student can take credit for a maximum of 30 additional contact hours beyond 120, provided the course is approved by the Office of International Affairs (OIA) Committee. Thus, a student must earn 12 -15 credits while on exchange.

A student not getting a pass grade in a course while on exchange will not earn any credit from it.

  • The credits for courses in each exchange University will be released by the OIA.
  • Students failing to earn the required credits from the exchange programme will be asked to make up the deficit by taking additional course work at Sangam University in the sixth term of the same year or in the next academic year, and will not be awarded the Diploma till they complete the academic requirements.

Campus Life

Sangam University carried an pragmatic development with the holistic nature to emerge the whole round development of the students required evolution enlargement of the students which lays great emphasis on holistic development of students. The University provides a range of opportunities outside the classroom as well - be it industry interaction, cultural activities, sports competitions or entrepreneurial pursuits.

Sangam University offers varied career prospect with ample of opportunities for the students to interact ,explore learn from accomplished people. Business leaders, representatives of government and non-government organizations, artists and intellectuals regularly visit our campus on invitation to deliver talks and presentations that provide insights to the careers and personal attributes of these role-models.

For learning to be effective it needs to be delivered in a congenial environment that not just nurtures but stimulates the interest of the individuals which receives as a individual. Sangam University supports the pursuit of knowledge and the exercise of individual interests.

Placement Cell

Structured placement - as Sangam University provides enormous opportunities to fetch the students and companies within the time frame which basically evolves the varied opportunities strengths to prospect the student and nurture individually.

Training - as to develop the ready platforms for the students we enhance the aptitude accord of each and every student individually by providing different training sessions and PDP sessions which emerges the campus drives expert sessions etc.

Visa and FRRO Information

Student VISA information

  • International students who wish to study in India should obtain a Student Visa before travelling to India.
  • International students taking admission at Sangam University should make sure that the Student Visa is endorsed to Sangam University by the visa issuing authority.
  • A request for change of university or institution subsequently made cannot be considered. In this case you would be required to go back to your home country and apply for a new visa.
  • Also, if you have entered India on basis of documents provided by the University then it is your responsibility to ensure that you directly join and report to the University. The Visa endorsed on the name of the University or obtained on the basis of University documents cannot be used for any other purpose like employment, admission to any other university/college/institute/academy etc or for non-regular (distance/online) mode of education.
  • After reaching the university students have to get the visa verified by the University and have to deposit a copy of the valid visa
  • It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that throughout his/her study period student is on valid visa.
  • In case the initial visa is not endorsed for the complete duration of the programme or student has to extend the stay because he/she is not able to complete the programme in the stipulated time then the student should apply for the extension of the visa before visa expires.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that visa should be applied well in advance and time. It generally takes 3-8 weeks to get the Indian Visa thus it is advisable to apply for the visa accordingly and consult the Indian High Commission/Embassy if required.
  • Students joining the university after the prescribed time period may be denied admission.

Visa and FRRO Information

Registration of Visa After arrival

  • It is part of the normal mandatory process that within the stipulated timeframe of arrival in India, the student has to register his/her name with the police in the designated Foreigner Regional Registration Office (FRRO) at BHILWARA, RAJASTHAN.
  • The time frame or rules for the FRRO may vary from 24 hours to 14 days of arrival depending on the country of origin, thus seek the most updated information from the Ministry of External Affair website.
  • A student with a PIO card also must register at the FRRO. Only OCI card holders need not register.
  • University would only provide necessary assistance in this regard and it is the responsibility of the students to get the registration done and provide the copy of the FRRO certificate to the University within the stipulated time as prescribed by the University from time to time. Failure to do so may lead to cancellation of the admission.
  • The applicable processing fees for the FRRO/Visa extension/immigration processing fees and other related expenses have to be additionally borne by the student.
  • It is also the responsibility of the student to inform designated FRRO in case they are leaving the county (both in case of temporary movement like going for holidays and also in case students want to permanently leave the county because the programme is over or students wants to discontinue the programme or student has been expelled or have been denied admission.)
  • Students are not required to register himself/herself on each visit as long as he/she is visiting on the same visa on which he/she is registered earlier. However, the registered foreigner needs to report to FRRO, if; re-enters India on a fresh visa.
  • Further, if the registered foreigner obtains a new passport during the validity of his registration and visa, then the foreigner is required to get the visa transferred on to his new passport from FRRO.
  • Also, in case there are any changes in the foreign registration rule then University may seek more information as required from the student and/or can direct to follow the most recent guidelines as applicable and define by the government from time to time.
  • University may debar the student to continue attending classes or staying in the university residential facility if student does not maintain a valid visa/ FRRO or does not follow any guidelines issued by the Govt. of India/ Govt. of Rajasthan/University/ any other authority from time to time.
  • For loss of attendance/academics or any expenditure so occurred because of such action by the university, the student himself will be responsible and no relaxation or benefit may be provided in such cases and all expenditure has to be born by the student.
  • In case the initial FRO certificate is not endorsed for the complete duration of the programme or student has to extend the stay because he/she is not able to complete the programme in the stipulated time then the student should apply for the extension of the FRO before it expires.

International Contact:

Admission Office in Indian:

The Director (Admission)
Office of International Affairs,
  +91-9001219067   /   8619121610