Cultural Club (Samvardhan) is formed to promote cultural awareness among young generation. This club is a student body which is responsible for all the cultural events in the Institute around the year. This club enhances the skills of dancing, singing, playing musical instruments, mimicry and Nukkad Natak. This Club not only helps students to reduce the stress of academics as well as it helps student to provide a platform where they can explore their inner potentials.


  • To organize various cultural activities according to academic calendar.
  • To inculcate the sense of belongingness, Team work & coordination.


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The Literary Club has been started to encourage our students to develop a taste for literature and also work towards improving their spoken as well as written language. Literary Club gives a platform to the students to exhibit & verbalize their imagination, originality and talents through a number of literary activities and games.


  • To develop different perspectives of appreciation for literature in the students
  • To encourage the students’ skills for creative writing and expression.
  • To enhance their thought and speech through group discussions and interactive sessions
  • To inculcate within its members elite oratory skills, interpersonal skills and communication skills

Literary Club Activities 2018-19 Name of Activity Date
1 Best out of Junk  22-Sep
2 Visual Extempore competition 13-Oct
3 Singtist 17-Nov
4 Literature Festival Visit @ Jaipur (30 Students ) Jan 
5 Food without Fire 16-Feb
6 Intercollege Debate  16-Mar

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The primary aim of the dramatic club is to groom and give the students a platform to showcase their talents and to build up their confidence and to foster healthy competition among students. This club encourages dramatic presentations by students in the form of skits, mime, plays etc. The club explores the possibilities for interdisciplinary linkage between different forms of performing arts.

This club is home to all the theatre lovers and nukkad enthusiasts. A plethora of talented individuals join every year to take forward SU 8y8o5BElegacy in dramatics. They are enactors of tale and portrayers of the emotions.

The dramatics club aims to:

  • Develop the students talents and skills in the areas of acting, dancing, singing and interpreting dances.
  • Develop the skills of creativity in displaying and interpreting ones talent in dancing, singing and acting.


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The goal of the fine arts club is to provide an opportunity to the students to let their imagination run wild and provides them with the sight to see things in a different way. This will allow students to learn from one another and share their experiences in different aspects of art, which will bring an active awareness and appreciation of the fine arts on OQLmMIvcampus and in the community.


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About Social and Green club

The aim is to inculcate social welfare thoughts in students who are the future of our nation and carry out actions reflecting the same without any prejudice.Thus there stands the scheme in the campus, to carry out actions reflecting the same with students under various disciplines like Educational Outreach, Green campus and Events working rigorously for literacy drives, environmental conservation and sustainability.This club works with the goal to work for the betterment of society and instill the spirit of social service among the students.

  • Volunteer Teaching of Science and Computer at Gatilakhera Govt. School. (Every Saturday)
  • Nanhe Sapne: Drawing Competition and Craft Activity for Gatilakhera village students on 18th November 2017.

Voluntary Teachingsocial and green

To promote Computer Education Sangam University set Computer Lab in Govt. Middle School, Gatilakhera. Student Team of Social club voluntarily taught science and computer subjects to students of Ambedker Senior Secondary Government school-Atun and presently volunteer teaching in Govt. Middle School Gatila Khera.


social and green


Blood donation Camp at Soni Hospital

SU Social connect Blood donation drive done by 45 students of Sangam University Bhilwara at Smt. Kesar Bai Soni Hospital Bhilwara 2 Feb 2017




Ashaayein Art Fairsocial and green

Sangam University in collaboration with Sangam School of Excellence has been organising an Art and Craft Fest “Ashayein 2016”. The fest presents an exceptionally wide selection of traditional and contemporary melange of Kawad art (Rare art of Bassi), Thewa Art (Rare and antique art of Pratapgarh), Jute work, Bandhej Art, art, Phad Painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography and other craft work.




social and greenShort Documentary On women Empowerment

Under the banner of Sanskar Bharti on the occasion of Jayanti of Bharat Muni, the creator of play – Drama club Sangam University did a street play on women empowerment at Soochna Kendra Bhilwara 22 Feb 2016.

Joy Of Giving Activity

“We make a living by what we get, We make a life by what we give” To help underprivileged and needy section of society every year before Diwali SU Social Club organize old clothes,toys and stationary collection and distribution drives along with sweets.




  • Winter warmth activity : Distribution of blankets at school,hospitals,railway station of Bhilwara district.
  • Clean and Polythene free Campus.
  • Celebration of Diwali with underprivileged children in Sunderpura village in Bhilwara District.
  • Collections of Old and New usable items for under privileged children to be distributed in remote village.
  • Awareness about Eye Donation and got the forms done.
  • Inauguration of Herbal Vatika in University campus.
  • Organised blood pressure check up for students and faculty ,staff on world Health Day
  • Organised Poster making Competition at Town hall-Bhilwara on International women Day.
  • National awareness forum, law council and Sangam University held a talk show on World Press freedom Day.
  • Organised talk show on women issues under social and green club on International women Day.

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The ever popular sports club is a platform for students to channelize their high energy levels towards maintaining their physical fitness. Students make the most of the courts and fields provided by the university. Various intra-college competitions have been held on the volley ball7mw3E9m, basket ball and tennis courts in the past few months. Student have also had their share of fun on the cricket filed and playing indoor games like chess and table tennis .Our residents have also appreciated the provision of our recent on campus gymnasium .


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The Photographic Club encourages the shutter bugs to explore their creative perceptions with the camera.Learn various photographic techniques and other dimensions of this art by participating in the photographic event.jXQq4hz


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Quiz (brand Identification)

IInd week September


Collage Preparation

IIIrd week October


Ad Mad Show

IInd week November


Marketing Quiz

IIIrd week February


Marketing Argot

IInd week March


Case study competition

IInd week April

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Entrepreneurship Club – What is It & Why?

• 'Entrepreneurship Club' at Sangam university is an endeavor to create opportunities for students across various Schools of Sangam University in realizing their dreams of starting up a new business or develop existing one.
•  We believe innovation; that stimulates human change and progression and the specific instrument for innovation is entrepreneurship – the act that endows resources with a new competence to create wealth.
• To start up on their own students need essentially three things.

  • Ideas
  • Passion
  • Guidance to convert the ideas

List of Planned Activities
• Business plan competition – Start-ups
• Movie based activity – watch the movie and describe in your own words – business plan
• Rural Le Carte – To sell in Rural market
• Business plan for Online business ventures for selling articles & execute it.
• Talk Show with entrepreneurs / panel discussion among entrepreneurs
• Research based – understanding entrepreneurs and their ideas – Extempore – study existing Models of business developed and successful entrepreneurs
• Quizzes - based on entrepreneurship news - study existing Models of business developed and successful entrepreneurs
• Visit to entrepreneurial ventures – field visits
• Open – house discussion – converting challenges into opportunities
• Placement drive for students other students club by budding entrepreneurs
• Situational or Social entrepreneurs – role play



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