Team Size:

1. Student from different colleges can form a team. A team should not exceed more than four members.

2. The student must carry their valid student ID Cards of their college which they will required at the time of registration.

3. Participants will be allowed to be a part of more than one event.

Certificate Policy:

1. Top two teams will be rewarded by Cash Prizes in all the competition except exhibition.

2. Certificate of participation will be given to all the participants.

Entry fees : Rs 200/- (Per Team)

Payment Method : Online & Offline

Last date of registration : 2/04/2019

Contact Number:

SachinSharma 9783436064
Amit Sharma 9828686249
Surendra Singh 9887192358
Deepak Nair 9928442489



It is an event where you can test your IT and CS knowledge.

General Rules:

1. All participants switch off their mobiles when entering in quiz hall.

2. No other wired/wireless communication instruments are allowed, if so your team will be disqualified.

3. Top two teams which has highest points will be rewarded.

Game Rules:

1. There are three rounds in this event.

2. Every round has specificied points.

3. For every question team has about 1 minute to answer the question.

4. Event coordinator has right to change the rules. If any changes you will be informed at the spot (quiz hall).

Contact Number:

Divya 9829662263
Shushant 7976668392


For all those who have passion in Robotics. This competition is to showhow good and swift robot of yours can be by crossing the hurdles using it and scoring more points.

General Rules:

No human intervention is allowed in between the race.

The track will contain certain number of checkpoints and if the bot goes out of the track then it has to start with the previous checkpoint.

There will be certain number of hurdles and obstacles. Each obstacle and hurdle will be assigned some specific points and have to be completed in a stipulated time limit.

One should not use the wires for lifting up or moving the bot.

Points earned will be calculated within the time limit and free time of 3 min will be provided Only once if any technical problem occurs.

In case of any discrepancies organizers decision will be final and binding.

The organizers reserve the right to change any or all of the rules as they desire. Each student must have a valid IdCard of their college.

The coordinators hold the direction to restart a race, in case of a valid reason to do so. Participants need to carry their own power source (preferably 12V battery).

Robot Specification:

The bot can be wired or wireless.

Only wheels are allowed for locomotion, conveyer belts may be used.

The weight of the bot should not be more than 1.5kgs (excluding power source). The bot should fit in a box dimensions 25 X 25 X 25cm.

Bots are not allowed to fly or jump.

Internal combustion engine cannot be used.

Game Rules:

1. The bot must start from the START line.

2. There are at least 10 modules in the track.

3. Each Modules has specified points.

4. The bot has to cross each level in the given order only.

5. If bot is not able to cross a particular level then it can skip that level.

6. Maximum number of skips allowed is 2, failing will result into disqualification.

7. Points of the skipped levels will not be counted.

8. It is a time based game, the timer will start when the bot starts running from the START point & will count untill bot reaches the FINISH point.

9. The timer will not stop while skipping process.

Track Specification:

The track will be 30-35 cm wide.

The track will be having many zones.

Contact number

Hardik Singhal 9461343682
Mobin Ansari 9588887879



For all those who have passion in Robotics Tech Fest 2.0 presents robo-soccer. This competition is to show how good and swift robot of yours can be by playing soccer using it and scoring more goals.

General Rules:

1. The robot will be controlled by wired/wireless remote from outside the arena.

2. In case of wired bots, the length of wire should be minimum 5 meters so that the wire remains slack at any instant of time. If the participants use wireless mechanism then it is mandatory to use a dual frequency remote.

3. If any team isfound harming the arena, the team will be disqualified on the spot.

4. The participants have to carry their own power supply.

5. This is one on one match.

6. Our team will not be responsible for any damage done to the robot in the arena.

7. Teams have to be present on scheduled time and delay will lead to disqualfication.

Knock-Out Stage:

1. The team should score maximum number of goals in order to win the match.

2. Kicking mechanism can be used here to score goals.

3. The knock-out stage will have two halves, each of 4 min with a breaktime of 1min between the two halves.

4. The robot can move in the whole arena.

5. In case of tie, additional 1 min will be given for competing.If tie still persists, coordinators will decide the winner on the basis of performance.

6. In case the robot of Team A gets stuck to robot of Team B during the match then all the robots will be replaced to the starting position. Violation of anyof the above rules will lead to disqualification.

Robot Specifications:

1. Dimensions of the robot should be 30cm x 30cm x 30cm.(lxbxh)

2. Weight of the robot should not exceed 5 kg.

3. Any mechanism of robot should not damage the arena.

4. Any mechanism should not be used to harm opponents robots.

5. Maximum voltage in the circuit should not exceed 12 Volt DC at anytime.

6. Only upto 5% tolerance will be allowed else the bot will be unfit for the game and will lead to disqualification.

Contact Number:

Hardik Singhal 9461343682
Mobin Ansari 9588887879


It is an event where you can show case your talent and innovative ideas by presenting some interesting projects.


1. Team can present their projects on Hardware, Software as well as both.

2. Team leader or any team member able to explain their project.

3. Maximum four members in a team can participate.

4. Top team in both the category will be rewarded.

Contact number

Hardik Singhal 9461343682
Mobin Ansari 9588887879