About Alumni

The Alumni association is prerequisite to strengthen the Alumni and Alma Mater relationship. Sangam University is highly conscious of this fact & acknowledges the emotional bonding that the Alumni have with their Alma Mater. In this fast changing world, it is very essential to recognize the alumni relationship as an important strategic asset.

It is essential that alumni remain in constant interaction so that the educational systems can derive full benefits through constructive & informative feedback from the professional field and the alumni remain well informed about the developmental activities of their alma mater.

Objectives of the Sangam Alumni Association:

  • To keep pertinent and updated data about Alumnus.
  • To build and foster close association with the Alumni.
  • To sustain a sense of belonging with their Alma Mater by being in touch with Alumni
  • To provide a platform to the Alumni and other stakeholders for exchange of ideas and information.
  • To take up help of Alumni guidance towards higher education.
  • To communicate the events of the university periodically to the Alumni.
  • To invite the Alumni and seek suggestions for betterment of the University.
  • To conduct seminars, workshops with the support of Alumni.
  • To help the poor and bright students with the help of Alumni.
  • To help the unsettled Alumni with the support of Alumni.

Alumni Association Governing Body:

Chief Advisor: Prof.(Dr.) K.P. Yadav, President, Sangam University

S.N. Designation Name
1. President Mr. Vikas Toshniwal
2. Secretary Mr. Anurag Sharma
3. Treasurer Mr. Abhishek Singh
4. Vice President(Int.) Mr. Somnath Saha
5. Vice President(Ext.) Ms. Nidhi vyas
6. Joint Secretary Mr. Sher Singh Chundawat
7. Joint Secretary Mr. Aamir Dayar
S.N. Designation Name
1. Executive Member Mr. Vikalp Singh Chouhan
2. Executive Member Mr. Govind Singh Solanki
3. Executive Member Mr. Anurag Chaturvedi
4. Executive Member Mr. Shantanu Choudhary
5. Executive Member Mr. Shashank Saraswat
6. Executive Member Mr. Neeraj Kumar Chhipa
7. Executive Member Mr. Himanshu Kothari
8. Executive Member Mr. Harshit Joshi